Hernando Garzon Blogs From Kenya: Five Minutes, Five Images, from the Kibera Slum

September 6, 2011

I have 5 minutes for an update!

My planned trip to Somalia was first delayed, and now canceled, as there has been an escalation of fighting in the Galcayo area, and we’ve reports that up to 50 percent of the population is fleeing.  We’ve evacuated the two non-Somali staff to a safer location.  Review of that program will unfortunately have to be from a distance.  We still have national staff working in that program, and are extending into other areas of Somalia.  The existing program in Galcayo has seen more than 15,000 patients and immunized close to 2,000 children.

In Kenya, we are still developing two areas of possible involvement.  In a few minutes I’m off to the pastoral district of Mwingi to assess needs for health and nutrition support there.  We are also still looking at opportunities to get involved in urban ares – the slums in Nairobi, and the doubling/tripling of food prices has many families down to one meal a day and malnutrition rates climbing.

The attached are photos from an assessment of the Kibera slum, the largest in Kenya.  I believe the greater good would be served if everyone from a developed country had the opportunity to spend such a day in Kibera – just to see firsthand how others have to live.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More later.  Peace,



One response to “Hernando Garzon Blogs From Kenya: Five Minutes, Five Images, from the Kibera Slum

  1. Dr. Garzon,

    I read your blogs from time to time, and I am always touched by your stories.
    The world is lucky to have people like yourself who are selfless and take care
    of others unconditionally.
    I wish you all the luck and pray for your safety while visiting these other
    countries. I looked at the pictures attached to this blog and they really touched
    my heart. We really take things for granted in the U.S. We always want
    and feel that we need more. When there are people in this world whom
    don’t have a fraction of what we have.

    Take care and keep the blogs coming!

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