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Alabaster Mobile Clinic and Shannon Fernando, RN, Prepare for Kenya Relief Trip

Shannon Fernando, RN, is a nurse at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center. She founded the Alabaster Mobile Clinic, which provides health services in impoverished areas of Africa and South Asia. She and other volunteers are preparing for a trip to Kenya this summer. Shannon offered us this dispatch, below, to introduce the mission.

Alabaster Mobile Clinic is a non-profit, charitable health care organization based in California, which provides health services and health education to unreached, impoverished rural and urban communities internationally, primarily in Africa and South Asia. Alabaster consists of volunteer doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals whose mission is to serve those most in need.

Alabaster enters a community, whether it is a slum or tribal dwelling, to meet primary health care needs, treating both acute and chronic illnesses. To establish sustainable disease prevention and management outcomes, Alabaster also will  focus on providing health education based on host country’s identified needs, which may include, but are not limited to: hygiene, endemic disease processes, proper nutrition, basic wound care, and prenatal care.

Alabaster will be taking its first team to Kenya this August to deliver health services and health education throughout the jungles of the Maasailand. Administering vaccines and life-saving antibiotics, the team will treat over 700 men, women, and children. The team will be traveling via Land Rover or on foot to deliver care “where the people are,” going into tribal dwellings or villages.

If you would like more information about the trip or to find out more about Alabaster Mobile Clinic, please go to our website.

Shannon Fernando, RN
Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center