Susan Dean, RN, Returns to Guatemala for the Seventh Consecutive Year

Susan Dean, RN, is a nurse manager at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center.  She’s currently in Antigua, Guatemala, as part of a medical team with Faith In Practice, a nonprofit organization that provides continuity of medical care to the poorest of Guatemala. This is Susan’s seventh consecutive year serving on a Faith In Practice surgical mission; last Spring she wrote several dispatches for this blog.

May 5

We arrived in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala for another week of surgeries. Our team of 34 members includes translators, cooks, surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists.

We are guests in a constantly changing system, and it has become even harder to bring our medical supplies and drugs through customs. The supplies are thoroughly scrutinized to make sure that everything matches the lists that were sent to the government a month before our arrival, but we made it with all of our supplies and equipment!

We have learned that 90 percent of the people here in Guatemala do not have access to health care. The country ranks fourth in the world for chronically malnourished children. Faith In Practice, the organization that we are traveling with, has 700 Guatemalan volunteers and 1,000 volunteers from the United States. There are eight village trips that triage patients for surgeries, along with teaching healthcare topics.

Our goal for the week is flexibility and fitting into the amazing Guatemalan community. We have come with a desire to help care for others and we are thankful that we are able to work in the hospital here.


One response to “Susan Dean, RN, Returns to Guatemala for the Seventh Consecutive Year

  1. This sounds amazing. I am in Antigua studying Spanish at the moment. I am a RN from New Zealand. I am volunteering in a clinic in Guatemala city next month for 4-6 months. Great to see work like this happening in Guatemala. I may need to join a trip with you in the future.

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