The End of the Mission to Guatemala

Susan Dean, RN, is a nurse manager at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center.  She’s currently in Antigua, Guatemala, as part of a medical team with Faith In Practice, a nonprofit organization that provides continuity of medical care to the poorest of Guatemala. This is Susan’s seventh consecutive year serving on a Faith In Practice surgical mission.

The surgeries have been completed.  Seventy-nine patients have been served.  Many lives have changed – especially ours.

We saw 9-year-old Luis on our last day. He’s looking forward to going back home to his village, but his journey is not finished. His nose has been reconstructed, but he still needs more oral surgery at a later date. His speech has not been helped, but his looks have changed. Maybe the bullying will stop.

As for the team, we have reconnected with other people, other cultures, and why we went into the health care field. We looked out for our patients, and we looked out for fellow team members. There was always an offer of help from someone near by.

If you hear of a medical mission trip or a volunteer opportunity that interests you, take the extra moment and check it out. Your life might be changed forever! This team will go again next year. We need OR nurses, Recovery Room nurses, translators, assistant surgeons, and surgeons. This year, the specialties covered were plastics, gynecology, urology, and general. There is always a need for an assistant surgeon with other skills.

Come join us.

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